What will the Professional Preliminary Estimate provide that the Ball Park Estimate doesn't?

The Ball Park estimate is for those who want a quick and easy rough estimate. It literally will take a less than a minute to provide sufficient information to generate an estimate.The Professional Preliminary Estimate is created from far more detailed information. To input sufficient data to calculate an accurate estimate may take up to 15 minutes.

The Professional Preliminary Estimate has the following features:

  • Increased dimensional data.
  • Details of external site work.
  • Projection of costs forward to future dates for budgeting.
  • Regional pricing for more accurate estimating.
  • Selection of specification for all elements.
  • Selection of quality of internal finishing, fitting and mechanical and electrical services.
  • Inclusion of allowances for lift and elevators.

How do I amend my estimate?

If you wish to amend an estimate immediately after it has been calculated all you need to do is click on the' return to input page' link found at the bottom of the page. All your data will still be on the form so all you need to do is amend it and request another calculation. If however, you have exited the Calculator page you will need to re-enter all your information.

Having got an online Profession Preliminary Estimate do I still need to obtain an Approximate Estimate by a Quantity Surveyor from my drawings?

Yes you do. Although the Professional Preliminary Estimate is normally accurate to 10-15% it is not designed to replace the need for an Approximate Estimate taken from Architects plans. When your drawings are ready if you would like us to do your Approximate Estimate please email us rwhidborne@e-griffin.com and quote your Professional Preliminary Estimate reference number.

Can I retrieve my estimate after I have left the site?

Unfortunately not. We advise you to print or download your estimate as soon as it is generated.

Is there a limited number of times I can use the Calculators?

No, none what's-so-ever! In fact one way we feel it could be very beneficial is to use the calculator to help you design your building according to your budget. By amending the materials used, the type of roof, size of the building you can see immediately what the effect will be on the construction cost.


e-Griffin does not require the input of detail quantities as it generates its own very approximate quantities from the data input by the user.


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