How Estimate Contacts Other


Using e-Griffin is simple. Click on 'estimate' and the input form will display. (View Screenshot). Complete as much information as you can including the mandatory items which are shown in red.

When you are certain the data you have supplied is correct, click on ‘Calculate' at the bottom of the form.

If you have not provided sufficient information, or e-Griffin considers there are anomalies in your data input, you will be invited to return to the input form to make any changes you wish before you click on ‘Calculate' again. (View Screenshot).

You will then be transferred to the Barclaycard merchant payment interface and you will be prompted to enter your payment details.

When your payment is accepted by our secure ordering system, the Elemental Summary will be displayed (View Screenshot).

We recommend you print and/or download both the completed input form and the Elemental Summary by clicking on the relevant buttons.

If you wish to obtain a further estimate by editing/adjusting the input data, use the Internet Explorer back browser to return to the input form and repeat the process.


• E-Griffin provides immediate recalculation of answers to "What if?" questions


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