Welcome to this Internet based construction cost preliminary estimating system.

Professional cost estimating at the early stages of project development can be costly and time-consuming. Richard Whidborne, the founder of e-Griffin Consulting and a qualified Chartered Quantity Surveyor since 1980, recognised that there was a gap in the market for cost-effective and quick preliminary estimating services.

Traditionally offered to the construction industry, these preliminary estimates typically vary between the provision of ‘ball park' figures, using only historic data of costs per square metre of similar projects, to ‘professional preliminary approximate estimates' based upon custom measurement of approximate quantities.

e-Griffin can provide elemental project specific preliminary estimates in as little as 5 minutes and is very cost-effective.

A ‘ Ball Park ' Estimate' is currently free of charge so that you can try out the system. We normally charge for a 'Professional Preliminary Estimate' but today we are also offering this service free of charge for you to use.

When you are ready to use e-Griffin. Click ‘ Get an Estimate '

To learn more about the history behind the development of e-Griffin, click ' about ' (above) or ' how ' to learn more about the methodology.


e-Griffin is an on-line Internet based tool for providing elemental approximate estimates of construction cost in the UK. It has been designed for the purpose of providing preliminary indicative cost estimates for new build projects.



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